Unveiling the Benefits and Drawbacks of Injection Molding

Unsurprisingly, custom injection molding is one of the most extensively utilized manufacturing processes across the world. If you look around, you will find yourself surrounded with plastic parts in your kitchen, office and wallet!

It goes without saying that there must be a considerable amount of advantages and benefits associated with this process, making it popular worldwide. However, nothing in this world is perfect; therefore injection molding will have its pitfalls too.

Keep reading to discover some noteworthy benefits and drawbacks of injection molding:


Cycle Time

The injection molding process has a remarkable capacity when it comes producing plastic parts in high volumes. Primarily, how speedily the parts are produced depends upon the number of cavities and the efficiency of the injection molding machinery. Cycle times can be a few seconds for thin walled parts and much higher as the weight and geometry of the part changes.  On average, a single cavity steel mold is capable of producing over one million parts and most molds have multi cavities with capacities in the millions.

Low Cost per Unit

Since the injection molding process is capable of producing plastic parts in huge quantities, the cost per unit will automatically drop. Also, the process is mainly automated; therefore, little or no human labor is required in the process, thereby, reducing labor cost. Consequently the heavy fixed costs and overheads are spread over large quantities of units produced, allowing for the total cost per unit to decrease drastically.


High Initial investment

A lot of money goes into obtaining a tool or machinery for custom injection molding purposes. This is one of the major reasons that discourage people from getting involved in the molding business. Additionally, to operate it on your own, you will require an injection molding machine as well as the relevant skills for it. This can also end up being costly for you.


These important restrictions that are pertinent to design require great precision and technical knowledge. Recruiting the relevant personnel can be challenging as well as costly. However, making design mistakes can be a costlier overture.

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