Top 5 Tips on Injection Molding

Injection molding and plastic industry facilities are spread across 50 states within the U.S. Bearing in mind that the plastic industry is the 3rd largest manufacturing industry; the injection molding business surely has a strong and positive outlook. However, considering the level of precision and heedfulness required; even the most experienced design engineers cannot work with perfection when it comes to custom injection molding.

However, a smooth injection molding process can be executed by following the simple tips and guidelines that are mentioned below:

1.     Consistent Wall Thickness

One of the basic design strictures is to maintain a consistent and uniform wall thickness. The abidance by this parameter will automatically eliminate a lot of problems that are associated with the manufacturing process. When the walls are consistent, the parts are likely to fill up appropriately, as the chances of contraction are reduced.

2.     Suitable Gate Setting

If a design engineer fails to meet the first tip, then he must make sure that an appropriate gate location is provided for uniformity and consistency purposes. Ideally, the gate location is when the molten plastic reaches the thickest part of the hollow space and then slides down to the narrower areas.

3.     Choose an Appropriate Molder Size

Make sure you select the size of the molder that suits the part’s requirement. There are molders of varying sizes in the market place; opting for an appropriate one is a crucial decision. If your part is small, it will not require sizable injection molders which demand higher technical skill. Big molders would not only be inappropriate for your required part but also incur higher overheads.

4.     Span the Corners

When the melted plastic flows into the mold, it travels down to the corners as well. Design engineers must ensure that the corners are rounded rather than pointed, to allow easy flow. If the internal and external corners of the part are equal to the half of the wall thickness, the uniformity in the wall can be easily achieved.

5.     Choose Materials Wisely!

There are more than 300,000 kinds of materials that are used in the process of custom injection molding. One of the biggest mistakes is to opt for a material that possesses the best properties, rather than choosing the one that meets your requirement. Special care must be taken in assessing the compatibility of the material with your desired component’s design and use.


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